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Tigre World* – The Tigre World is the program that the great professionals accompany. Through it resale, work and technical professionals receive first-hand information about TIGRE launchings, besides tips of installation and attendance to increase their business.

Through the Tigre World it is also possible to participate in exclusive courses and lectures about Building Systems of Cold Water, Hot Water, Sewerage, Rainwater and Draining, given all over Brazil.

For the work and resale professionals the courses and lectures executed with TIGRE are recorded in the Passport of Professional Qualification, a document delivered at the moment at which the professional enters the Tigre World and stamped every new training session undertaken. Having the passport all filled in is the guarantee of being always among the most respected professionals in the market.

In the virtual environment, the Tigre World offers a series of technical information about the Tigre products, indicates the launching of its main innovations, besides having access to downloads of exclusive applications such as the Aquapluv Simulator, TigreCAD, Electronic Catalog, Tigre Part, manuals, etc.

I want to enroll in the Tigre World! Being part of the Tigre World is very easy. Just access the portal of Tigre, click on the logo of the Tigre World and fill in the registration sheet online. The registration can also be done at any lecture, course or trade fair performed by Tigre. Or also by telephone, by making a free call to Tele Tigre – 0800 70 74 700.

The Tigre World was created to make the professionals always updated with the latest news of the market and more specialized every day. Register now, always maintain your registration data updated, and tale advantage of all the benefits that the Tigre World offers you!

* Only for Brazil.

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