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Ref. 1368 - Effect Jeans
Composition: synthetic - White
Format: roller
Ideal for: Decorative Effects
Technique: texture
Stamp Effect on Wood Ref. 2310
Composition: silicone and polypropylene drunk
Format: Rounded
Handle: short - Black
Ideal for: Decorative Effects on Wood
Marine Sponge Ref 1559
Composition: Foam PVC and Polyester
Format: Bouquet
Handle: short - White
Ideal for: decorative wood, metal, plaster, canvas and panels
Ref. 5160 15cm Plastic Tray Pinctore
Composition: plastic - color purple
Format: tray
It makes Eyes
Ideal for: artistic
Ideal for: handicraft
Technique: ceramics
Technique: fabric
Technique: wood
ref. 5519 - Bubble Maker
Technique: ceramics
Technique: fabric
Technique: wood
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