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Pincéis Tigre (Tigre Brush) products – Master (Mestre) and Pinctore lines – stand out for their quality and innovation. The choice of better tools is fundamental for obtaining the desired result in your remodeling or work of art. Our brushes do not release hairs, have long durability and are designed to have the same performance throughout their useful life.
Mestre TIGRE

If you want to have a well-finished surface with a perfect paint job and in the way that you imagined, it’s not enough to have a creative idea and choose a good paint; you also have to choose a good brush and accessories. Using the wrong brush may compromise the whole job. Tigre MASTER has brushes for all techniques, paints and all types of substrates with guaranteed quality and performance.

Guarantee a good result by demanding brushes, rollers and accessories from MESTRE Tigre.

Pinctore TIGRE

Only Pinctore Tigre has artistic brushes for all techniques, for all paints and for all types of substrate with guaranteed quality and performance. Choose brushes from the Pinctore Tigre line to guarantee the expected result.
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